MAT/School Vacancy Approval Process

As an Applicant Tracking System bespoke to education, we understand that some Trusts will want to keep track of all their school vacancies and ensure budget and operational approval is given before posts are filled. Therefore, within FACE-Ed you can customise and automate your Vacancy Approval Request Form and approval workflow ensuring budget and operational compliance of all your recruitment needs.

Education Recruitment Software user dashboard
Education Recruitment Software user dashboard

Vacancy page hosting

FACE-Ed allows you to manage your job vacancies directly from within the platform. At the touch of a button, you can publish your open positions to your Trust/school website. Prospective applicants can then easily apply for these open positions regardless of where they first saw your vacancies advertised.

You can easily create your campaign by uploading and editing documents stored in your library of templates (e.g., job adverts, job descriptions, person specifications, recruitment packs) making it simple to quickly market your job openings.

Job distribution

FACE-Ed has partnered with Hiring People (multi job board advertiser) to enable you to push your jobs to a variety of large recruitment advertising sites such as Indeed, Monster, Total Jobs, Guardian, Reed). With FACE-Ed, you can distribute your jobs to Indeed free of charge, and/or receive lower rate advertising for any of the other recruitment sites.

The efficient distribution of jobs will help you save time but also post jobs more competitively therefore saving money on costly advertising.

Education Recruitment Software user dashboard
Education Recruitment Software user dashboard

Campaign Management

Once you have created your job post and sent it to your job boards of choice,
you can then use FACE-Ed to start evaluating your applications. FACE-Ed makes
it easy for candidates to complete a full application form that we know you require to meet your safer recruitment protocols. All the applications from the various recruitment advertising sites will be pulled into one database and ordered by campaign, and from there you can quickly view and sort them – ‘reject’, move them to ‘awaiting shortlisting’ etc.

FACE-Ed has in built safer recruitment checks so it will help you to quickly rule out applicants who do not fit your shortlisting criteria, such as those who do not have the direct match qualifications for your open position, or those who have failed to upload a cover letter with their application despite this being a requirement of your recruitment process.  FACE-Ed also will flag gaps in employment, accessibility/disability requirements, declarations of interest, qualification mismatches.

By having everything in one platform, you will start to feel more organised and be able to keep a good grip on all aspects of compliance.


Once your job has closed, you will want to prepare applications for your shortlisting panel. Using FACE-Ed, you can easily bulk print or email shortlisting packs (with best practice shortlisting guidance) for your shortlisting panel. FACE-Ed can anonymise applications and remove equal opportunities information from each application helping you to speedily prepare documentation for your shortlisting panel. Alternatively, you can give your shortlisting panel access to FACE-Ed, and then can them view applications from within the system and directly add their own notes/scores.

Education Recruitment Software user dashboard
Education Recruitment Software user dashboard

Messaging Candidates

Using FACE-Ed, you can message candidates quickly and easily. You can use this feature to communicate anything you need, ask questions, and invite applicants to interview. Applicants can also message you, helping them to feel more engaged in the recruitment process. Keeping messages stored in one place against each application also makes it easy to keep on top of communication.

Interviewing, Taking References and Undertaking Initial Screening

At FACE-Ed we know that preparing for interviews and obtaining references before interview can be exhausting that’s why we have streamlined the complete process for you. By moving your applicant to the ‘invite to interview’ stage you can quickly start to request references from referees, and ask your shortlisted applicants to started uploading copies of required documentation before their interview (e.g. ID, Right to Work, Qualifications), meaning that time is saved on the interview date itself as your Hiring Manager will only need to verify the documents pre-uploaded by your applicants in FACE-Ed, rather than having to photocopy and scan these documents on the day. FACE-Ed will store this information, and should this person be made an offer of employment, transfer this information to the SCR onboarding tracker.

FACE-Ed also makes the preparation of interview packs a breeze by allowing you to bulk print or bulk email applications to your interview panel. Alternatively, your interview panel can be given access to FACE-Ed to make view applications and make notes in application.

Furthermore, FACE-Ed will flag to your interview panel any issues detected throughout the application process (e.g. Gaps in employment, declarations of interest, qualification mismatches).

Education Recruitment Software user dashboard
Education Recruitment Software user dashboard

SCR Onboarding and Vetting Checks

Once you have selected your newest employee and moved them to Offer, FACE-Ed helps you to begin the onboarding process. In FACE-Ed you can pre-upload your onboarding pack which may include letters to welcome your new employee and introduce them to your Trust/school, the conditional offer of employment, induction pack, personal details form, bank details form, safeguarding information and pension information etc. and then your newest recruit can fill out all the relevant paperwork to ensure they are ready to go on their first day of employment.

As FACE-Ed is bespoke to education, we also help you to ensure compliance with your Single Central Register requirements and maintain a track of all the associated vetting checks (e.g., Prohibition, DBS, Overseas Teacher etc.).

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