We are specialists in education HR, and we therefore understand the difficult pain points and laborious undertaking of recruiting into the education sector

Candidate application issues

FACE-Ed enables your candidates to quickly submit quality application forms

Are applicants submitting CVs instead of completing your application form?

FACE-Ed is designed to ensure that all applicants apply using an electronic application form to comply with safer recruitment protocols and Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance. This electronic application form can be customised to your Trust’s or school’s needs.

FACE-Ed makes this process easy for applicants by asking them to fill in a profile page, and then from there, FACE-Ed smoothly converts the information held into a proper school application form. This makes it much easier for candidates (internal or external) to apply for jobs as they only have to fill in his/her profile once and then keep it up-to-date.

Candidates can also use the CV parser to create his/her profile making it a win-win.

Save time by letting FACE-Ed automatically screen your application forms

Are applicants submitting incomplete application forms (declarations not completed, forms are unsigned)?

FACE-Ed streamlines all of the safer recruitment and employment legislation protocols giving you the peace of mind that the system has automatically:-

  • Checked for gaps in employment and asked the candidates to explain the reason for any gaps
  • Made key elements of the application form mandatory (ie. declarations, submission consent, signature etc.)
  • Matched qualifications against your person specification
  • Highlighted any disability accessibility issues
  • Prevented discrimination of candidate applications.

Prevent applications that don’t meet Safer Recruitment protocols

Are applicants withholding details for current/most recent employers or not providing suitable referees?

FACE-Ed won’t let candidates submit applications if they have failed to upload details of his/her current or most recent employer. You are also able to provide guidance to your applicants on why you need this information.

FACE-Ed prevents candidates from submitting applications unless at least one of his/her referees are the current or most recent employer. You are also able to provide guidance to your applicants on why you need this information.

Let FACE-Ed save you time and energy longlisting

Do you get frustrated when applicants do not have the relevant qualifications for the advertised role?

FACE-Ed checks for qualification mismatches and asks the candidate to confirm whether he/she has a direct match to the qualifications required for the role.

Make your job less labour-intensive by allowing your candidates to submit documentation online

Are applicants not providing suitable information before interview (proof of ID, qualifications, right to work)?

FACE-Ed puts more onus on the applicant to upload copies of their ID, Right to Work, Qualifications when invited to interview, taking away some of the administration burden from the school recruiter.

By empowering the candidate to take more responsibility for the provision of documentation, can also demonstrates the candidate’s eagerness to work for you and their willingness to assist you to help them progress their application.  Although, the candidate is still required to bring his/her original documentation to interview, this means the school recruiter’s job becomes much easier, as he/she is simply required to login to FACE-Ed and verify that they have seen the original documentation already uploaded by the candidate.

Administrative issues for school recruiters

Streamline your vacancy approval workflow

Is your vacancy approval procedure manual and protracted?

Within FACE-Ed we can customise and automate your vacancy approval process making it easier for schools to submit electronic forms for approval, and for your approvers to accept or reject vacancies. As a MAT, it helps you to keep track of all vacancies across the Trust.

Make posting jobs a breeze by having everything in one place

Do you find yourself searching around trying to find a good copy of a template advert, job description, person specification, policy to prepare your campaign?

With FACE-Ed, you can store your campaign templates within the Resource Library making it easier to pull pre-made templates into your campaign advert.

Speed up the process of uploading jobs to your school website or job board

Do you have to post a vacancy on the Trust/School website and onto an external job board, causing delays?

You can push your vacancies to your school or Trust website in one touch of a button, making it quick and easy to post your jobs.  You can also make jobs private for internal applications only or push to Indeed as part of your FACE-Ed licence.

Start to feel more organised by having a separate inbox for every campaign

Do you find it difficult to keep a track of all applications that are coming into the same email inbox for different job vacancies?

FACE-Ed gives you a separate inbox for each of your campaigns making it quick and easy to keep a track of all advertised posts.  Here you can quickly see how many applications you have had and at what stage they are at eg. Received / Awaiting Shortlisting / Invited to Interview / Offer / Hired.

Save yourself time longlisting applications against safer recruitment protocols

Do you find sifting through applications to check they are fully completed time-consuming?

Do you find it hard to see which declarations are signed?

Is it difficult to identify gaps in employment and check that qualifications match the person specification?

FACE-Ed automates recruitment checks for you.  For each and every application FACE-Ed gives you a quick overview of issues found using an icon tagging system:-

  • Disability
  • Qualification mismatch
  • Gaps in Employment
  • Declaration issue

FACE-Ed will not allow a candidate to submit their application unless all mandatory sections are completed.

Make the preparation of shortlisting packs a total breeze

Is preparing application forms for the shortlisting panel a laborious job (e.g anonymising applications, removing equal opps and declarations)?

With FACE-Ed you can bulk print applications or bulk email applications ready for your shortlisting panel.  These applications will include the basic application and any cover letter / supplementary information submitted by the candidate, but the system will have automatically anonymised the application and removed the equal opportunities form and the declaration form for each candidate. Alternatively, your shortlisting panel can be given access to the campaign but be prevented from seeing both the equal opportunities form and declaration form.

FACE-Ed assigns codes to ensure fair comparison

Is it hard to obtain shortlisting reasons from your shortlisting panel?

When you bulk print or bulk email applications at the ‘Awaiting Shortlisting’ stage, FACE-Ed provides guidance to your shortlisting panel on the use of shortlisting codes to help them to fairly assess your applications.

These shortlisting codes can then be noted against each candidate application.

Take the pain of preparing interview packs, collecting candidate documentation and applying for references

Do you find inviting applicants to interview and preparing interview packs difficult?

Is obtaining references from only the referees that the applicant has given his/her consent to difficult to monitor?

At the touch of a button in FACE-Ed, you can invite your shortlisted candidates to interview.  These candidates will then instantaneously receive an email from you with the good news, and they will be asked to login to FACE-Ed to upload the relevant documents prior to interview (eg. ID, right to work evidence, qualification evidence).  When a candidate is progressed to ‘Offer’ stage, these details will also move forward to the Onboarding Tracker.

From here, you can also request references. FACE-Ed knows which references it can take before interview so it will only prompt you to request references for those with consent.  The system will also send reminders to referees until these are returned.

Once moved to ‘Invited to Interview’ stage, you can bulk print or email your interview packs to the interview panel.  Interview packs include a Safer Recruitment Checklist for the interview panel with application flags they need to check.

You can also attach copies of you’re the panel’s interview notes and scores against each application.

Easily access messages to and from your candidates

Do you find it difficult to quickly send messages to candidates?

Do you struggle to receive information from candidates within time limits?

Within FACE-Ed, there are several customised email templates to enable you to quickly send and receive messages from candidates.  Messages can be viewed from the main campaign dashboard so it’s quick and easy to see what the latest communication was between you and the applicant.

Effortlessly make an offer of employment

Do you find it difficult to issue and track all the necessary paperwork needed for employment?

Within FACE-Ed, you can pre-set your offer and onboarding pack, and then by moving the candidate to the ‘Offer’ stage, you can make the offer in one touch of button.  An offer pack may include documents that you want the candidate to view, view and accept or download and upload e.g.

KCSiE View and Accept
Offer letter View and Accept
Pensions Info View
Bank Details Form Download and Upload
Induction Pack View and Accept

FACE-Ed will then track the return of all of these and auto populate your Onboarding Tracker with this information.

Allow yourself trouble free and simple onboarding – boom!

Do you find it hard to keep track of the progress on all vetting checks before and after interview and throughout the onboarding process?

FACE-Ed has quick reference RAG progress charts so you can quickly see where you are up to with each candidate before interview and after interview. For example, a green RAG would show a reference has been requested and returned, an amber RAG would indicate that the reference has been requested but not returned. This enables you to stay one-step ahead of the whole process.  These progress charts are bespoke to the type of vetting required for each role so for example, the system would automatically know that a teacher would need a QTS check but an officer role wouldn’t.

FACE-Ed also has a separate onboarding dashboard, so you can quickly access, view and verify all of your onboarding checks.

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