Safer Recruitment practices are vital for ensuring new recruits are suitable for working within your school or Trust. Your recruitment process must reduce the risk of unsuitable hiring, ensure fair practises, and record the process.

FACE-Ed can help by ensuring that all applicants are applying using the electronic application form which complies with Safer Recruitment protocols and Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance.

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Recruitment Software for Education

Our FACE-Ed software can help streamline Safer Recruitment protocols. This automation can give peace of mind that the ATS system has automatically:

  • Checked for gaps in employment and asked the candidates to explain the reason for any gaps
  • Made key elements of the application form mandatory (ie. Declarations, submission consent, signature etc.)
  • Highlighted any disability accessibility issues
  • Prevented discrimination of candidate applications and unconscious bias through anonymisation of information
  • Ensured each candidate has entered details of their current or most recent employer
  • Ensured that at least one of the candidates’ referees is their current or most recent employer
  • Ensured reference and vetting checks are completed as necessary by requesting, chasing and tracking within the system
  • Checked for qualification mismatches and asked for clarification that the candidate holds the required qualifications

The software can then highlight applications that don’t meet safer recruitment protocols.

FACE-Ed also provides interview packs with a Safer Recruitment checklist for the interview panel with application flags they need to check.

Education Recruitment Software user dashboard

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