1. Time per hire

2. Cost to hire

3. Advertising Costs

Agency Recruitment Costs (Optional)

4. Total Savings

FACE-Ed Costs

Time to hire

One of the best ways to improve your recruitment costs and your ROI on a ATS or recruitment system is to save time.

To calculate the total time saved using FACE-Ed we take the average time invested in posting, writing suitable adverts, screening applicants, sending out application packs, responding to queries, anonymising applications, applying for and chasing references, arranging interviews, sending out rejection letters and organising a new hires onboarding. We multiply this by the number of applicants calculated @ 7 hours per application.  We do the same calculation factoring in 75% reduction in time to hire from FACE-Ed. The 75% reduction is based on customer feedback from June 2022 to June 2023.

Time to fill

To calculate time to fill we take the average time (in days) to fill a vacancy deducting the time to fill saving of 33% using FACE-Ed.

Cost to hire

The old adage time is money still holds true today so much so that we used the time saved to clearly calculate the potential money saved from using FACE-Ed:

Hours per candidate x hourly cost x number of candidates = Total Cost savings are then worked out based on the 75% reduction in hours to process per vacancy (hours per candidate x number of candidates) using FACE-Ed

Advertising costs

Agency Recruitment Costs are based on an average finders fee of 15% of the role’s salary. Based on the source x (which was on the previous version as *)

Total savings

We have taken your admin costs to process your applications plus your cost of your advertising and recruitment fees (if entered) minus the cost of purchasing FACE-Ed annually = Total potential savings.