Hazel Goodwin
School Business Manager, Ruskin Community High School

SAMpeople and FACE-Ed have significantly reduced the HR paperwork and improved visibility to manage HR so much better. Great reports, management of absences and visibility for each member of staff to see their information and absence record.  FACE-Ed has also made a significant difference to our recruitment process for ourselves, candidates and reference providers. Many fantastic processes to make it much quicker, more thorough and with better oversight. The ongoing support has been invaluable too from their team.

Sam Andrews
People, Resources and Compliance Manager, Dovecote School

FACE-Ed has simplified our recruitment process beyond my expectations.  It has made the recruitment process so much simpler, and is both time and cost effective, helping us maintain compliance with safer recruitment.

Sophie Jones
Head of HR, E-ACT

My top 5 best loved features of FACE-Ed:

1. Automated reference requests

2. Automated reminders of reference requests

3. One place to store all pre-employment information

4. Uploading of ID prior to interview and this being checked and verified on the day

5. No longer need an additional meeting to conduct DBS checks as all required documents are uploaded


Donna Harrison
HR Manager, Penk Valley Academy Trust

What are my best features of FACE-Ed?


It’s immediate – Appears in real-time. It’s accessible – No matter where you are in the world. You can modify your job posting, see how many replies you have and even communicate with candidates directly. Hiring managers have complete control, can view candidate progress. Automated emails – Streamlines processes. It is all in one place.

Sally Boaden
Chief Finance & Operating Officer, Raleigh Education Trust

Before FACE-Ed we were handling paper copies and spending a lot of time on shortlisting, chasing references and going back and forth between schools within the trust setting up interviews. Vacancy requests were paper based which lead to a lengthy process however all processes are online and streamlined.

This has led to references received within days of the initial requests with automatic reminders sent every 24 hours by the system.  Being able to apply online for internal vacancies in the Trust has made the process easier and encourages development. As Safer Recruitment Accredited Trainers, FEPS have thought of everything. FACE-Ed provides a systematic approach, as you can not move on until a check is complete.

The link to SAMpeople allows for the transfer of information straight into the employee’s profile, including all recruitment documentation. FACE-Ed has solved a lot of problems and since its roll out we have managed to hire 46 people with relative ease. It has saved time and money. It is very methodical, easy to manage and follow, guiding staff through the process. I would absolutely recommend it without a shadow of a doubt.

Sarah Govier
HR & Finance Manager, Prestolee Multi Academy Trust

We have been part of the pilot for the FACE-Ed recruitment software. This has revolutionised the way we now undertake recruitment and has been fantastic to date.

It has enabled a much more robust level of safer recruitment that is standardised across schools in the Trust, candidates have commented on the ease of use of the system and they particularly have liked being able to upload documentation, message directly the recruitment manager, and keep a track of their application status.

There are still some things in development and we look forward to the roll out of those.

Neil Anderson
Head Of HR, Lakes College West Cumbria


FACE-Ed has transformed our Safer recruitment service. 

Our managers love being able to track candidates progress as they apply.

Would highly recommend.