An applicant tracking system is a type of software that allows the electronic handling of recruitment. This type of software can easily be accessed online giving ease of use to multiple staff and helping to track online applications.

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Applicant tracking systems can also help streamline processes, keeping all candidate and job information in one place, and tracking applicant progress. By having all this information in one place it can also reduce the need for spreadsheets and emails which can be prone to errors and duplication.

Applicant tracking systems can save valuable time for managers and admin staff by automating the hiring processes such as highlighting gaps in applications, tracking vetting checks and references and issuing offer letters. Jobs can be automatically pushed to job boards. After receiving applications, follow up emails can be automatically sent instead of individually emailing and calling each candidate to book interview slots. This can in turn mean a faster recruitment cycle with vacancies filled quicker, enabling you to get the candidate you want.

An applicant tracking system can also allow employers to see information and metrics all in one place, via a candidate portal. By seeing key metrics such as time-to-hire and cost-pre-hire, employers can make further improvements quickly and easily.

As a Trust you can see vacancies across all your schools enabling you to have a more effective approach to recruitment. An ATS will also help you stay GDPR compliant by creating a secure online portal for candidates.

Education Recruitment Software user dashboard

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