FACE-Ed has been built by education HR specialists, as we know the hurdles education recruiters must jump through to meet Safer Recruitment and Keeping Children Safe in Education protocols. With software designed specifically for education, you have the peace of mind that FACE-Ed is helping you meet requirements and not missing a thing.

Read about how FACE-Ed can help within the education sector and overcome recruitment pain points.

Candidate application issues

Trouble submitting application forms:

FACE-Ed enables your candidates to quickly submit quality application forms. These are customisable to your establishment and profiles can be quickly created using a CV parser. By uploading a CV, the candidates’ profile is quickly and automatically populated. FACE-Ed ensures applications following Safer Recruitment and Keeping Children Safe in Education protocols, including KCSiE online check candidate declarations.

Submitting incomplete applications:

Save time by letting FACE-Ed screen your application forms against Safer Recruitment and employment legislation protocols. FACE-Ed will automatically check for employment gaps, ensure elements of the form are mandatory, conducted qualification matches, highlighted disability accessibility requirements, and prevented application discrimination.

Applications don’t meet Safer Recruitment protocols:

FACE-Ed prevents applications that don’t meet Safer Recruitment protocols. The application will be automatically blocked if candidates haven’t declared their most recent or current employer. At least one of the candidates’ referees must be their current or most recent employer or FACE-Ed will block the application.

Chasing missing information from candidates:

FACE-Ed will save you time and energy longlisting as it will conduct automatic qualification mismatch checks and requests confirmation from the candidate on qualification matches for the required role.

Time-consuming manual admin tasks:

FACE-Ed can take the admin away from recruitment by asking candidates to upload documentation online. These can then be ticked within FACE-Ed that the original copy has been verified at interview. This can save huge amounts of admin time scanning and uploading at interview.

Administrative issues for school recruiters

Getting approval from MAT HQ:

Let FACE-Ed streamline your vacancy approval workflow. Schools can send vacancy approval forms for acceptation or rejection by the approver. MATs can keep a track of all vacancies across their schools.

Building campaigns from scratch every time:

FACE-Ed can store campaign templates in the Resource Library to create job adverts in minutes. Any additional documentation such as extra vetting checks can also be stored within FACE-Ed for ease, such as online search results of candidates! Sensitive information can be hidden from users unless ticked with permissions.

Manually listing on job sites:

FACE-Ed can save the laborious task of listing on different job sites. With FACE-Ed you can quickly push vacancies to your school or Trust website, social media and to external job boards, such as Indeed. Jobs can also be kept private for internal application only. MATs can link schools to the Teaching Vacancies website with job vacancies being automatically pushed to the website. Certain jobs can quickly be marked as private or removed from the website for ease.

Disorganised and lost communication:

Stay organised with campaign specific inboxes. With FACE-Ed, there are separate inboxes for each of your vacancy campaigns, reducing confusion and helping to easily keep a track of applications. Within the inbox you can see how many applications and what stage they are at for each vacancy.

Chasing candidates on additional information:

Save time longlisting applications with FACE-Ed automatic checks. FACE-Ed will highlight issues with disability, qualification mismatch, gaps in employment and declaration issues and will prompt the candidate to complete these sections and tell them why they need to do it.

Manually building shortlisting packs:

Prepare shortlisting packs in minutes with FACE-Ed. FACE-Ed will create shortlisting packs for bulk printing. The packs will be automatically anonymised and will have the equal opportunities and declarations forms removed. If you would like to avoid printing, FACE-Ed can provide access to the shortlisting panel with an anonymised view of the campaign. Any documents marked as ‘Refer’ in the application process will also be printed for review at interview.

Incohesive shortlisting process:

FACE-Ed provides guidance with shortlisting codes for fair comparison between applications.

Sending multiple emails and individual printing:

With FACE-Ed you can quickly invite candidates to interview via one button! Candidates will instantly receive an email and will be promoted to begin providing the relevant documents and uploading them to FACE-Ed. FACE-Ed can quickly request references to the appropriate referees and will send automatic reminders until these are completed. At interview, packs can be bulk printed or emailed and will include a Safer Recruitment Checklist for the interview panel with any discrepancies flagged.

Lost communication threads:

Keep candidates engaged with a secure messaging portal. FACE-Ed can store customisable templates for quick communication and messages can be viewed on the main dashboard, keeping everyone up to date.

Lengthy admin processes to onboard new staff:

Effortlessly send the good news to the successful candidate using FACE-Ed with pre-set offer and onboarding packs. Candidates can see the documents instantly and can view, accept, or download and upload. Once the required information is returned, this automatically populates the Onboarding Tracker. You can also send default emails to rejected candidates in bulk informing them you won’t be taking the application any further.

Losing track of returned references and documents:

Allow seamless onboarding with FACE-Ed’s traffic light style progress chart. Green would indicate that references have been requested and returned and amber would show it had been requested but not returned. The progress charts are bespoke to each role so FACE-Ed would know that a QTS is required for a teacher but not an office role.

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